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  • Help us form a Stakeholders Working Group - March 2015

    29 December at 07:39 from atlas

    Stakeholders Working Group

    The Marlborough Sounds Integrated Management Trust is encouraging citizens and stakeholders with an interest in the future of the Marlborough marine environment to join in developing local leadership in the management of the area.

    In March 2015 we will be bringing all stakeholders together to form a Stakeholder Working Group for the Marlborough marine environment. We are keen to hear from anyone who wants to be involved.

    What will be delivered?

    What will be delivered are better solutions, efficiency in process, and high levels of citizen and stakeholder leadership in decisions that result in durable and effective outcomes.

    The Trust is independent from the agendas of agencies and stakeholders. Its core value is ensuring ecological integrity to create a rich, abundant and sustainable future for the Marlborough marine area.

    The Trust has engaged professionals from Phoenix Facilitation Ltd with a track record of achieving results in complex social, technical and political situations.

    The Trust has identified many opportunities exist to greatly improve the Marlborough marine environment. At this moment our cod fishery is depleted and some commercial fisheries are under pressure. The region has 80% of the country's marine farming and this has been the subject of extensive legal action. We have just one marine reserve, and no Maori fishing reserves.

    Legal processes and less formal social and consultative processes often act independently of one another. Balancing of interests is required between competing resource users, between communities of interest, and with government objectives. Ad hoc approaches to planning and decision making are unlikely to achieve optimal outcomes for individuals or for the community or sectors as a whole.

    Our role

    We think that effective citizen leadership is lacking in many central and regional government processes proposed or underway. There is huge need for effective integration of these and of collaboration with the local communities and stakeholders. We are stepping up into this role.

    Active steps are required to overcome geographic, sector and attitudinal barriers in the management of our marine environment. Affected parties have much in common, and far more to gain by working together than they might lose.

    Our approach is to create a smart and connected environment where the parts are integrated and stakeholders find it easy to make sense of the whole, to have their say, and to add value. This means connecting up existing processes; initiating those that are interdependent but are not currently operating in a timely way; and operating in a collaborative model.


    If you think this is for you please contact us and register. There will be no charge for attending these events.

    Register at or phone Rachael on 021 957 515.

    Find out more

    Invitation to Stakeholders Working Group meetings  (PDF 336 KB)

    Press Statement  (PDF 70 KB)