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  • Marlborough Marine Futures Foundation Workshop - 8 March 2015

    17 March at 07:15 from atlas

    Project up and running

    The Marlborough Marine Futures project is up and running thanks to the energy of the 70 people who participated in the workshop on 8 March.

    Many of you have been working to improve the Marlborough marine outcomes for a long time. We heard your commitment to being part of creating a better future for the Marlborough marine environment. We also heard your concerns about the speed of the process. We realise you need more information on what we are proposing so you can engage effectively.

    Date of next workshop

    We have put back the date for the next workshop to 3 May so that those who need time to engage their networks can do so.

    More information coming

    We will not be idle. Every week between now and 3 May we will be sending you more information. This will include:

    - Detailed scope definition that sets out how the project will relate to other processes affecting the Marlborough marine environment;

    - Proposed terms of reference for the range of bodies involved including: the Stakeholder Working Group, Governance, Expert Advisory Group, network forums, round tables and listening posts. Note that all of these will be in draft and subject to refinement and sign off with the groups involved.

    - The process we will use for the workshop on 3 May and its agenda.


    We are more than happy to receive feedback, comments and ideas as we go forward so please contact us. This works best by emailing us on as we are a dispersed and part-time team and we want to have the best person respond and as soon as we are able.

    Once again, many thanks to all those that have contributed to date and a warm invitation to new people to come on board. Please pass this information around your networks!

    Eric Jorgensen
    Marlborough Sounds Integrated Management Trust

    Press Release

    Press Release issued 9 March 2015  (PDF File, 136 KB)

    From the Workshop

    Issues and Interests (PDF File, 135 KB)

    Issues and interests expressed by participants about the process.

    Process map (PDF File, 457 KB)

    Diagrams of proposed process for the project as presented.


    Steve Urlich - Marlborough District Council

    Outline  (PDF File, 278 KB)
    Powerpoint presentation  (PDF File, 921 KB)
    Video (Boat anchor damage to important fish habitat, tubeworm mounds at Perano Shoal - March 2015)

    Sean Handley - NIWA

    History of benthic change in Pelorus Sound (PDF File, 3.08 MB)
    Powerpoint presentation  (PDF File, 4.9 MB)

    Chris Cornelisen - Cawthron

    Outline  (PDF File, 189 KB)
    Powerpoint presentation  (PDF File, 2.8 MB)

    Nick Main - Chair, Hauraki Gulf Stakeholder Working Group

    Powerpoint presentation  (PDF File, 1.2 MB)

    More information

    Draft Scoping Paper  (PDF File, 205 KB)

    This draft scoping paper is presented to clarify the focus and role of Marlborough Marine Futures in relation to other relevant entities and processes. This draft will be presented to stakeholders for their consideration and comment.

    Mapping and vision exercises  (PDF File, 383 KB)

    Notes from the stakeholder mapping and vision exercises on 8 March. These are a straight record and have not been edited.

    Draft SWG Terms of Reference   (PDF FIle, 383 KB)

    First draft for potential terms of reference for the Stakeholder Working Group  for Marlborough Marine Futures.

    Proposed Structure  (PDF File, 116 KB)

    Proposed structure for Marlborough Marine Futures.