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  • Marlborough Marine Futures Workshop - 3 May 2015

    3 June at 08:01 from atlas

    We held a very constructive workshop in Picton on 3 May. In short version the day showed:

    -  100% support for the need for the process.

    -  A strong mandate for the Trust to continue to lead.

    -  Support for the way structure and role clarity is developing.

    -  That the role of central government needs to be sorted out.

    -  Good progress towards formation of a mandated voice for stakeholders.

    -  Emerging stakeholder and citizen ownership of process.

    Next step

    The next step is for Trustees to come back to stakeholders with a revised structure and next steps of the process.

    Overview from workshop

    A productive and positive day

    There is stronger clarity, commitment and sense of stakeholder ownership of the process. Strong agreement that this process is needed (100% agreement from those present). There is a strong awareness that the formation process is critical to the success or otherwise of the project and people seemed to end the day with an increased sense of confidence that a group and process are emerging that are appropriate for this context.

    Broad sector representation

    42 strong, well informed folks came along with fairly broad sector representation (a further 14 apologies were recorded). Aquaculture was not in the room although we had apologies and expressions of interest in being on the Stakeholder Working Group from that sector. Forestry, farming and tourism were still light - individuals with interests in these sectors were present but further discussion with sector associations is required.

    Trustee's role

    Trustees are continuing to work with stakeholders to ensure that the Trust's role is understood - they are committed to "joining the dots and making sure gaps are filled" to provide a better future for the Marlborough marine space and communities. They will not have veto of content decisions, but will be responsible for providing process.

    Steering Group

    Time was spent on the make up of the Steering Group. There was not clear agreement on the role of central government at governance level - there is general recognition of resource needs and that everyone needs to be at the table to get outcomes that will work, but also some caution about how to strike the right balance between central government and local drivers. The dual role of Council was acknowledged (partner/funder + technical provider).

    There was general agreement that it is critical in terms of joining the dots, efficiency and achieving workable strategic outcomes to have everyone around a table - the precise roles and relationships can be worked out together and contained in terms of reference. Some people noted that a number of collaborative processes have demonstrated that if central government aren't at the table, the outcomes achieved may not be optimal or able to be implemented.

    Stakeholder groups

    Clarity was achieved concerning which stakeholder groups need representation. Emerging ownership of the process and recognition that a Stakeholder Working Group will be driving itself and will need to collaborate (including seeking understanding and agreement beyond sector interests). Recommendations made by each group about how and who should represent that interest in a stakeholder forum. Current level of knowledge and trust amongst overall group results in recommendations that 3-4 people be put forward for each stakeholder group.

    Support for Trustees

    The current Trustees received strong mandate and support from the group to lead. Further potential Trustees were identified towards the end of the day.

    More information

    Notes from the meeting  (PDF, 426K)

    Revised draft structure diagram   (PDF, 107K)

    Useful link

    In the report below by the McGuinness Institute, they identify the same core need to join the dots and make sure gaps are filled as we do. Makes for interesting and timely reading.

    One Ocean - principles for the stewardship of a healthy and productive ocean