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  • Survey Results 2017

    22 September at 11:33 from atlas

    Who responded?

    Respondents could identify with one sector or many. The majority of respondents identified as recreational fishers and environmentalists, and many were both. Smaller numbers of marine framers, commercial fishers, tour operators, iwi and farmers responded. More than half the respondents were resident in the area, and many from outside the region had interests such as holiday homes there. The level of involvement in the marine environment of the area ranged from daily to never visiting the area.

    Do you support a Marine Park or similar concept for the Marlborough Sounds?

    Over 80% supported the concept of something similar to a marine park for the Sounds. Those in support wanted a park to do particular things, and not others, while a minority (11%) were strongly opposed to any change from the status quo.

    Of those that supported the concept, half preferred a special multiple use management area, while a third wanted a Marlborough Sounds marine park with the primary purpose of conservation.

    Recreational fishing

    More respondents (46%) favoured recreational fishing zones within a multiple use management area than wanted a recreational fishing park (32%) in the form proposed by the Minister for the Environment.


    If a marine park or similar were established a majority (51%) favoured a special management body while others were about equally split between DOC, MDC and MPI.


    More than half of respondents supported the zoning proposals in the discussion document but a sizeable minority (44%) were not convinced.

    Marlborough Sounds Integrated Management Trust

    Less than half the respondents expressed confidence in the Marlborough Sounds Integrated Management Trust to lead the process. This was complicated by the proportion of people who had not read the discussion document and who thought it was being proposed for the Trust to manage the area; which was not the case. However, there was a clear call for more transparency and engagement by the Trust.

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    Marlborough Marine Futures Survey Monkey 2017 Final Results (pdf, 1M)